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Without proper bookkeeping and accounting services from a Beliverz Accounting in Toronto, you run the risk of hitting cash flow crunches as well as, wasting time and money, and missing opportunities. Beliverz Accounting’s bookkeeping and accounting services in Toronto can help you manage your business, avoid tax preparation headaches, uncover hidden streams of revenue, and generally make operating a business a lot less stressful. You can relax knowing you are well prepared for the future.

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Services Includes:

Our accounts payable service ensures that:
  • any outstanding bills are paid on a timely basis

  • charges are accurate on the bills

  • no bills are double paid in error

  • Alternate Investment Services

  • bills are for services/goods actually received
Our accounts receivable service ensures that:
  • payments are posted to correct accounts

  • accounts receivable aging information is tracked and that any past due receivables are noted for follow up

  • a monthly report of outstanding receivables is prepared so that owners/managers are made aware of any outstanding receivables on a timely basis

Our bank reconciliation service ensures that:
  • any bank errors are caught in time and help manage the cash flow of the business.

  • Complex Financial Instruments

  • bank activity in your accounting system must be matched to the bank activity on your bank statement to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the bank activity and cash transactions.
Our payroll services include:
  • preparations of pay stubs

  • calculating source deductions

  • providing the amounts to remit to Canada Revenue Agency on a monthly

  • assisting with the preparations of T4 Summaries and Supplementary slips, as well as preparation of additional slips (T3s, T5s) as required.
  • GST, PST, EHT, WSIB Returns We can prepare returns related to statutory remittances such as:

    * GST (Goods a& Services Tax)
    * PST (Provincial Sales Tax)
    * WSIB (Workers’ Safety & Insurance Board)

Other Services Includes:

  • * General Accounting
  • * Computerized & manual bookkeeping
  • * Business incorporating
  • * Preparation of Corporate financial statements
  • * Setting up of proper accounting system
  • * Designing of Chart of Account for proper classification of all Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expenses
  • * Analysis and Presentation of Account Receivables and Payables

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