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Setting up a business? We can help you choose the type of company formation that best fits your business model-whether a limited liability partnership, a company limited by guarantee, a professional practice company, or a PLC.

Canada is a great country to start a business. In particular, Ontario is Canada’s richest market with a population of 12.5 million and the country’s highest personal incomes. Under Ontario’s Business Names Act, fines of up to $2,000 can be levied against individuals and up to $25,000 for corporations for failure to register or for registering false or misleading information. Due to above reasons most people needs to register a name for their new business to prevent penalties).

Corporate name searches

All Named Company Incorporation in Ontario require you to have completed a valid nuans search report in the last 90 days. Please remember that the legal name and trade name are not same thing for a business

Trademark searches

Search a trade mark in the NUANS® database what is the property of Government of Canada. It will compare the name you’ve entered for search with similar names with possible conflicts. The result will return you a list of names which are already registered, so you can select your name making it distinguished from the other names.

Non-profit organization registration

Non-profit corporation is a legal entity separate from its members and directors formed for purposes other than generating a profit to be distributed to its members, directors or officers. While, a non-profit corporation can earn a profit, the profit must be used to further the goals of the corporation rather than to pay dividends to its membership. Non-profit corporations are formed pursuant to federal or provincial law. A non-profit corporation can be a church or church association, school, charity, medical provider, activity clubs, volunteer services organization, professional association, research institute, museum, or in some cases a sports association. Non-profit corporations must apply for charitable status to benefit from tax-exempt status and to issue tax deductible receipts to donors.

Non-profit corporations are distinct from business corporations which are formed to make a profit and to distribute the profit to its shareholders. Business corporations are regulated by either federal or provincial laws.

Federal incorporation registration

There are two types of incorporation in Canada; provincial and federal incorporation.The main difference between the two is that federal incorporation gives your business increased business name protection and wider rights to carry on business. Federal incorporation of your business means that you will be able to do business all across Canada under the same business name, even if some other company is already using a similar name in some province or territory.

Ontario incorporation registration

When you incorporate your business in a particular province or territory, you are only entitled to operate your business in that jurisdiction and have no name protection outside that province or territory. If your business is and plans to be operating primarily within one province, provincial incorporation may be enough for you

Sole proprietorship and partnership registration

With this type of business organization, you and your partner would be fully responsible for all debts and obligations related to your business and all profits would be yours alone to keep. As a sole owner of the business, a creditor can make a claim against your personal or business assets to pay off any debt.

Master license

Almost all businesses in Canada must register their business names in their respective provinces or territories except for sole proprietorships that use only the owner’s legal name with no additions. Master license required if you running your business in Ontario

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