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Taxes are ever changing and tax returns in Toronto are dynamic on a year by year basis. Many people find it challenging to file their tax returns in Toronto. Whether it is filing an individual tax return or a corporate tax return, mistakes can be made easily and improper returns can be filed. Improper returns face the risk of being audited and may impose heavy penalties and interest on any amount owing. It can take hours going through records and paperwork to correct any mistakes made and as a result of this it can increase your tax burden. The risk of being audited can also be expensive and time-consuming. There is also great risk in missing out on opportunities to get more back on your refund than you realized you were entitled to.

As Beliverz Accounting, we offer advice on an appropriate choice of software for your accounting system and implement installation, or work with your existing system. We enter your financial transaction billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and other information as required.

We set up your chart of accounts and format your financial statements that are specific to your particular entity and industry. We also research specific tax issues regarding your company and provide you with the right answers. The steps preceding the filing of tax returns are of primary importance.

We use tax reduction techniques in our financial planning strategies to help provide our clients with a bright financial future. Our services are confidential, affordable, in compliance with accounting industry standards and as always, guaranteed.

In addition we provide special services to new landed immigrant such as:

* Preparing and submitting Child tax benefit forms
* GST/HST credit application
  • Taxes can have a significant effect on the operation of any business. Our firm tax pagewill prepare both federal and provincial tax returns for any business entity.

    This service includes the calculation of tax installments and the preparation of other monthly or quarterly PST/GST/HST returns.

    Corporate tax services include but not limited to:
    • Tax Planning
    • Paying Less Tax
    • Filing A Notice Of Objection
    • Increasing Profitability
    • Preparing A Business Plan
    • Methods Of Buying A Business
    • Handling Disputes With The CRA
    • Advising On Audits By The CRA

    In light of constantly changing personal income tax laws, preparing personal income tax returns can be complex. If prepared incorrectly, you could be missing out on personal income tax credits or tax deductions, resulting in more income tax than you should be paying.

    Our select services include:
    • T1 Adjustment
    • T1 personal taxreturns
    • New immigrant tax returns
    • Alternate Investment Services
    • Non-resident tax returns
    • Advising on audits by the CRA
    • handling disputes with the CRA

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